The Sexual Reminisces Book

The Sexual Reminisces Book


For adventurous characters looking for fun, excitement and new ideas

 Welcome to the healthier rival to ’50 Shades of Grey’

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The genesis of Sexual Reminisces’ originated from a small selection of sexual suggestive poetic messages that I sent to my partner. As I grew in maturity, in a sense, I was sexually reborn. As such I articulated the pleasures and experiences of my journey through poetic narratives. Eventually I also began to converse with close associates about their sexual experiences and recorded their accounts too.

In the meantime it became very apparent that there was an audience who needed knowledge and guidelines in relation to variety of sexual matters, indeed theses concerns needed immediate attention.  This led me to document stories about the sexual experiences and situations of myself, my friends and my associates.  I then translated these stories into poetic narratives. Sexual Reminisces is a compilation of real life stories and experiences which represents the words of all those who contributed their stories.

Despite its sexual context this book’s objective is to be educational. It is design for couples to inject additional tools to enhance their passion.  It can also be used when a husband or wife is working away, at college or while either party is on holiday. It can also be used for a celebration or even to address personal frustration. When using this book it is most effective if you select a few poems from each volume to accentuate the required sexual height and for entertainment – day or night.

There are a 100 poems divided into three volumes. The volumes have been segmented into portions taking the shape of a female’s figure. Volume One (The Starter) has 36 poems signifying her bust. Volume Two (The Main Course) has 28 poems signifying her waist. Volume Three (The Climax) has 36 poems signifying her hips.

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The final chapter talks about the dynamics of relationships, this section provides useful tips and advice for added support.

Sexual Reminisces caters for all regardless of culture,  age,  experience or race. Abusive and sadistic content is not incorporated in this book as these matters are none-productive to reinforce a healthy relationship. Finally, I hope this book ignites a flame in the reader to draw knowledge from the shared experiences of others.

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We welcome book reviews and feedback from readers, if you would like to contribute please email me at or if you prefer you can use the comment box on the Sexual Reminisces website at

Please note- the Sexual Reminisces book and the accompanying workshops are affiliated to relationships and personal development services delivered by Through Knowledge Gain Power Ltd. For additional information visit                      TKGP LOGO.2 png

Warm regards, Rare Diamond. 

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