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Relationships and You.

Chase the light

If you want to be successful you must have goals, if you have goals they must feel intensely appealing; this will help you to create a vision. Once you have a vision you can make plans to physically materialize that vision. This will include having a thirst (passion), this will inspire you to build the drive (motivation) necessary to embrace a plan of action that will assist you to accomplish your goals. Yes indeed self-belief, a vision, passion and motivation are key players to achieve your goals in life. But! Be warned the responsibility lies with you to manage your thought process.

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Dumb criminals get instant karma

Karma indeed, I could’nt resist this.

Never give up on yourself!

I was speaking with an old client recently, he explained that his son is doing well but he is losing faith in his aspirations and goals. Continue reading

Abusive relationship?



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