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Relationship advice.

Welcome to my word-press relationship advice blog

I created this page to offer support, information and relationship tips in line with my training, knowledge, research and personal experience. My intention is to provide a platform for discussions, support, information and problem solving techniques to assist couples and singletons alike.




Please share your views.

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True love.


What is love?

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Coming Event.

Hi friends, lately my site has not been very active (apologies)
I have been preparing something I hope you will find attractive.

Book launch postcard

The event is suitable for both couples and singles,
Regardless of experience or knowledge come along and mingle.
There will be book readings and discussions during the night.
With humour and performances to keep the ambience bright.
For more details about the book check out the www.sexualreminisces.com site. xx


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Healthy Relationships.

Tips for you.

10 Love Life Tips for Healthy Relationships - Nope, it's not always easy, but it IS a choice.

Age is but a number?

Age is but a number?
We met when she was 19, I was thirty six,
Statistically we were an incompatible mix.
But her maturity and incite was divine,
Her body and shape frequently blew my mind,
Before I knew it she intoxicated me, I was in too deep.
She was even in my dreams when I fell asleep.
Each time I was with her, I felt like I had the best prize in town,
I floating around like I was wearing a SHE IS MINE victory crown.
People said our relationship wouldn’t last long,
But at the time I was feeling vibrant and strong.
We were both striving and achieving our goals,
So then, how did the relationship continue to unfold.
We have a 17 year old daughter and an 8 year old son,
We’ve been married 19 years and we are still having fun.
Age is an important consideration in relationships that’s true,
But in my case I am so glad I decided to pursue.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

I want you to know that …


000 love kiss her

A Gentleman.

And I smile :)

A loving partner.

Express yourself.

Soul mate.

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