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What does a healthy relationship look like?


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A healthy relationship thrives when you recognise each other’s differences and…

  • When both parties can express themselves.
  • When there is mutual appreciation.
  • When you are happy together.
  • When you and your partner support each other.
  • When you make sacrifices for each other.
  • When you and your partner have patience towards each other.
  • When there is mutual protection.
  • When you and your partner feel love for each other.
  • When you and your partner feel mutual admiration.
  • When you and your partner spend quality time together.
  • When you have effective communication with each other.
  • When both parties exercise person responsibility and tackle challenges.
  • When you and your partner demonstrate forgiveness towards each other.
  • When you and your partner are open with each other.
  • When you have mutual trust.
  • When you and your partner have fun.
  • When you and your partner can be yourself.

Regardless of gender please support a positive platform for discussion and dismiss toxic energies.

  • encourage your partner to have a voice and reap the rewards.
  • Make a stand, escape the revolving negative traps, recover and be free to focus on productive pursuits.

And keep the positive fire burning in your relationship.

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Take time out to study your facts.

KTFB research


It’s your call!

KTFB Love & Hate


Ask questions!

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Love and relationships.

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The Goal!

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Another tip to add some spice into your life

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I came across an article which prompted me to reflect on a case that was relayed to me as a relationships advisor. Let me share a summary of their account, please note the names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals.

Case 1. Keeping the passion alive

Darren complained that his wife Sarah seemed to have lost interest in her appearance. He declared, ‘I really love my wife and I know we can’t run around naked as before, but when our children go to bed it should be our time, yet it’s not the case! Sarah makes no effort; she might as well be a sack of potatoes. She sits on the sofa in front of the TV wearing those awful tent tops and grandma knickers, eating biscuits and she refuses to be interrupted. Her behaviour is a turn off and it knocks my self confidence, because clearly she has not desire to impress me, I felt unappreciated so I started going out with the lads.’

Sarah on the other hand, remained in oblivion to the red flags. She couldn’t see that her husband was feeling neglected. In fact Sarah was bewildered when Darren told her that he had booked an appointment with ‘Through knowledge gain power Ltd’ to attend a relationship mediation sessions with me.

By the end of the first session Sarah agreed to follow my, ‘Me time plan’ which incorporates making a daily effort with your attire. Within a few months and just a few adjustments in the underwear department Sarah and Darren managed to converse, spend quality time together and rekindle regular intimacy. Eight years later, yes occasionally they do have up and downs as expected but they are still going strong.

I must clarify that as in most cases the couple in question had additional underlying issues that required attention hence I’m not implying that a simply change of attire can fix all challenges within a relationship but men love spontaneity particularly when it involves a treat for them. Sexy underwear, perfume or aftershave can also be useful gift offerings to demonstrate consideration and add excitement to the relationship if the recipient is appreciative.


The Sexual Reminisces Book

A unique relationship advice book incorporating true life stories with a poetic twist.

Keep the fire burning!

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Sexual Reminisces is a compilation of real life stories based on sexual experiences that welcomes you to an arousing sensual escapade. It contains three volumes of 100 steamy poems in relation to sexual performance and seasoned it is with relationship advice. Rare Diamond documents sexual experiences of real people and translates them into poetic narratives. She weaves her own experience with that of her friends and associates to articulate powerful sensuous accounts. Designed for those in a relationship to inject passion, accentuate sexual heights, to celebrate or relationship advice. Singletons can read it too – It’s a very entertaining read! 

To purchase the book visit www.sexualreminisces.com



Actions speak louder than words!

Actions speaks louder tham words


Infidelity and the impact.



Be Warned!

Xrem regrets


Food for thought.

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The break up!



Food for thought.



10% Peace 90% Drama.

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‘Keep the fire burning’ event for couples and singletons.

Keep the fire burning post.

A GREAT big thank you to all who attended our first ‘Keep the fire burning’ event for couples and singletons held at the ‘Taste Buds Restaurant’ Tottenham on February 13th 2016. The food was great, the association was awesome, attendees participated during the presentation and received their own signed copy of the ‘Sexual Reminisces’ relationship book to take home. Afterwards we mingled until well after 2am, we had such an awesome night. According to feedback the hospitality was fantastic and the event was a great success. I’m really looking forward to the next event coming in April 2016.

Hope to see you there too.


(Bottom left) the Sexual Reminisces book editor James Beckles AKA Buzzin Bee and some of our loyal supporters.


Is he a keeper?


One for the ladies.

Sexual Reminisces. Quote. 03.01 16.jpgIn most cases when a woman feels like she has a keeper it opens additional doors within her womanhood, as such she will be more enthused to trust, support and maintain loyalty towards her partner. There are no guarantees concerning the duration of a relationship but a woman will feel more inclined to fruitfully invest in a relationship that has an appealing compliance to her needs, values and dignity.

Read the complete article -link: www.sexualreminisces.com/#!rare-diamonds-page/cork 

Date: 4th January 2016

Title: One for the ladies



Out with the old, in with the new. xx

Sexual Reminisces New years resolution for relationships.

Tips for you.

Sexual Reminisces New years resolution for relationships.

The full article can be found at www.sexualreminisces.com rare-diamonds-page  under the heading ‘Couples, How much should you have in common?’ Date:12.12.2015.

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