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Tips for you.xx

Sexual Reminisces New years resolution for relationships.


Tips for you x


Thank you for being you. xx

Whether family, friend, client or supporter you are truly a priceless treasure to me. fb-16-09-2015

Wednesday Motivation — It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

via Wednesday Motivation — It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Tips for you.

Sexual Reminisces New years resolution for relationships.

The full article can be found at www.sexualreminisces.com rare-diamonds-page  under the heading ‘Couples, How much should you have in common?’ Date:12.12.2015.



TKGP Depression

Toxic Relationship What Do They Do?

Long-term toxic relationship what do they do?

They block your path when you wish to pursue.

Not because you do not have what it takes to succeed-

But because your mind, spirit and soul is not at ease.

Toxic relationships represent poor choices, resentment and fear,

They support turmoil and non-productive affairs,

Embrace humiliation, low-self-esteem and relentless despair.

Beware! You could entertain a toxic relationship with yourself,

You could be neglecting your own spiritual and mental health.

You could be making decisions that don’t benefit you,

You could recognize personal responsibility and point blank refuse.

You could be ignoring the important safety guidelines,

You could be giving everyone else but yourself quality time.

As a result regular assessment should be on your list,

To ensure that you are not entertaining a toxic relationship.

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