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16 People Share The Worst Relationship Advice They’ve Ever Been Given — Thought Catalog

@bjemas1. “Have a baby. It’ll save your relationship.” — Ellen, 23 2. “’If you love him, change everything about yourself for him.” — Rose, 26 3. “The worst advice I’ve gotten is to immediately jump into bed with a person I was interested in developing a long-term relationship with. I think more times than not,…

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Thought I keep the picture battle going, Cyranny. Your turn 😉

Here’s what the Picture Battle is all about:

  • Post a funny picture (meme or similar)
  • Title of your post must have “Picture Battle” in it
  • Invite at least one blogger to participate
  • Mention the blogger who has invited you to the battle and the blog the Picture Battle has originated (Cyranny’s Cove)
  • Don’t forget to laugh😉

Wondering what you come up with:


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What does a healthy relationship look like?


Sexual Reminisces love. 1a

A healthy relationship thrives when you recognise each other’s differences and…

  • When both parties can express themselves.
  • When there is mutual appreciation.
  • When you are happy together.
  • When you and your partner support each other.
  • When you make sacrifices for each other.
  • When you and your partner have patience towards each other.
  • When there is mutual protection.
  • When you and your partner feel love for each other.
  • When you and your partner feel mutual admiration.
  • When you and your partner spend quality time together.
  • When you have effective communication with each other.
  • When both parties exercise person responsibility and tackle challenges.
  • When you and your partner demonstrate forgiveness towards each other.
  • When you and your partner are open with each other.
  • When you have mutual trust.
  • When you and your partner have fun.
  • When you and your partner can be yourself.

Regardless of gender please support a positive platform for discussion and dismiss toxic energies.

  • encourage your partner to have a voice and reap the rewards.
  • Make a stand, escape the revolving negative traps, recover and be free to focus on productive pursuits.

And keep the positive fire burning in your relationship.

Rare Diamond.



The Sexual Reminisces Book

Book cover 3.png.jpg

A unique relationship advice book incorporating true life stories with a poetic twist. Keep the fire burning!

Sexual Reminisces is a compilation of real life stories based on sexual experiences that welcomes you to an arousing sensual escapade. It contains three volumes of 100 steamy poems in relation to sexual performance and seasoned it is with relationship advice. Rare Diamond documents sexual experiences of real people and translates them into poetic narratives. She weaves her own experience with that of her friends and associates to articulate powerful sensuous accounts. Designed for those in a relationship to inject passion, accentuate sexual heights, to celebrate or relationship advice. Singletons can read it too – It’s a very entertaining read!

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10 Skills I Want My Children to Have Before They Leave for College

Today is Sunday, the day I post about our family and our lives. My children are growing up.  We cannot deny it, we have to support them and help them be the best people that they can be.  I have re…

Source: 10 Skills I Want My Children to Have Before They Leave for College



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