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The Sexual Reminisces Book

A unique relationship advice book incorporating true life stories with a poetic twist.

Keep the fire burning!

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Sexual Reminisces is a compilation of real life stories based on sexual experiences that welcomes you to an arousing sensual escapade. It contains three volumes of 100 steamy poems in relation to sexual performance and seasoned it is with relationship advice. Rare Diamond documents sexual experiences of real people and translates them into poetic narratives. She weaves her own experience with that of her friends and associates to articulate powerful sensuous accounts. Designed for those in a relationship to inject passion, accentuate sexual heights, to celebrate or relationship advice. Singletons can read it too – It’s a very entertaining read! 

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Actions speak louder than words!

Actions speaks louder tham words


The Woman!



The break up!


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Or you may not see the gems inside!

you know my name not my story

Is he a keeper?


One for the ladies.

Sexual Reminisces. Quote. 03.01 16.jpgIn most cases when a woman feels like she has a keeper it opens additional doors within her womanhood, as such she will be more enthused to trust, support and maintain loyalty towards her partner. There are no guarantees concerning the duration of a relationship but a woman will feel more inclined to fruitfully invest in a relationship that has an appealing compliance to her needs, values and dignity.

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Date: 4th January 2016

Title: One for the ladies


Relationship advice.

Welcome to my word-press relationship advice blog

I created this page to offer support, information and relationship tips in line with my training, knowledge, research and personal experience. My intention is to provide a platform for discussions, support, information and problem solving techniques to assist couples and singletons alike.


Please share your views.

R. Diamond.

Toxic Relationship What Do They Do?

Long-term toxic relationship what do they do?

They block your path when you wish to pursue.

Not because you do not have what it takes to succeed-

But because your mind, spirit and soul is not at ease.

Toxic relationships represent poor choices, resentment and fear,

They support turmoil and non-productive affairs,

Embrace humiliation, low-self-esteem and relentless despair.

Beware! You could entertain a toxic relationship with yourself,

You could be neglecting your own spiritual and mental health.

You could be making decisions that don’t benefit you,

You could recognize personal responsibility and point blank refuse.

You could be ignoring the important safety guidelines,

You could be giving everyone else but yourself quality time.

As a result regular assessment should be on your list,

To ensure that you are not entertaining a toxic relationship.

Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012   (Alias Rare Diamond)

Coming Event.

Hi friends, lately my site has not been very active (apologies)
I have been preparing something I hope you will find attractive.

Book launch postcard

The event is suitable for both couples and singles,
Regardless of experience or knowledge come along and mingle.
There will be book readings and discussions during the night.
With humour and performances to keep the ambience bright.
For more details about the book check out the site. xx

Our conduct and choices affect others.

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Never give up on yourself!

I was speaking with an old client recently, he explained that his son is doing well but he is losing faith in his aspirations and goals. Continue reading

At last!

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‘Sexual Reminisces’ the healthier rival of ’50 Shades of Grey is finally here’.
This relationship book is packed with true stories about the mouth-watering sexual experiences of real people. It brings to life sizzling personal journeys with a touch of humour. No two stories are the same; each has its own individual plot and twist. The final section provides useful relationship advice for couples and singletons too regardless of experience or culture. Available on amazon now.


We all Bleed.

Age is but a number?

Age is but a number?
We met when she was 19, I was thirty six,
Statistically we were an incompatible mix.
But her maturity and incite was divine,
Her body and shape frequently blew my mind,
Before I knew it she intoxicated me, I was in too deep.
She was even in my dreams when I fell asleep.
Each time I was with her, I felt like I had the best prize in town,
I floating around like I was wearing a SHE IS MINE victory crown.
People said our relationship wouldn’t last long,
But at the time I was feeling vibrant and strong.
We were both striving and achieving our goals,
So then, how did the relationship continue to unfold.
We have a 17 year old daughter and an 8 year old son,
We’ve been married 19 years and we are still having fun.
Age is an important consideration in relationships that’s true,
But in my case I am so glad I decided to pursue.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

What do you say folks?

I want you to know that …

My current plan.

My current plan
Dear friends, I’ve have been exceptionally busy,
I hope you all understand,
I have colossal demands laid before my hands.
My work is my joy and it’s a normal expectation-
But I’m about to release a book on this particular occasion.
Therefore I’m running around like a headless chicken-
And sometimes my planed schedule I don’t manage to fit in.
To those who have been waiting patiently on standby,
In a few weeks the ‘Sexual Reminisce’ book will be before your eyes.
The stories and messages will make you laugh till you cry,
The relationship advice can be embraced or applied,
But be warned! The seductive energy is intensely high-
I invite you to be adventious and give it a try.
Zelda Gunzell (Alias Rare Diamond)


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Recovery? Which path will you choose?

If there is a lack understanding, responsibility, patience, loyalty, and or self-esteem this is self—destructive and the person’s perceptions will be flawed. Continue reading


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