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Spread Love and kindness challenge — Success Inspirer’s World

Spread love; Spread kind words; Appreciate others; Compliment others; Tell people you love them. This challenge is to spread love and kindness around the world through Love-and-kindness posts. The world yearns for love and kindness. People are not appreciated and complimented enough. Everywhere people starve of love. Even spouses do not feel loved enough by […]

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How to Increase Your Twitter Traffic With #SundayBlogShare

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Twitter traffic and SundayBlogShare

In November 2014 I started a hashtag – #SundayBlogShare – that allowed bloggers to share their links and meet new people. It was not a new idea, I had been participating in similar link ups hosted by other bloggers throughout the year, but I found it to be really useful when networking and getting my posts out to a wider audience.

Over the last year it has become one of the biggest blog-sharing link ups of the weekend on Twitter (to my knowledge anyway), with hundreds of bloggers around the world sharing thousands of links each Sunday, and it now trends on a weekly basis.

I’m still in awe of how much it has grown, and I’ve been lucky to have found wonderful new blogs that I follow on a regular basis.

Want to join #SundayBlogShare? The instructions and guidelines are simple:

Tweet your blog links using the hashtag #SundayBlogShare…

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Add a line or more No. 11 — Success Inspirer’s World

WHATEVER Whatever you do, do it well; Whatever you think is left to you; Whatever comes to your mind, let it come; Whatever decision you take, stand by it; Whatever you promise, do it. How creative are you? Add a line or more!

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