Do you detect your partner’s emotional motor?

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Do you detect your partner’s emotional motor?

A man’s psyche is driven by his life style and environment.

What is security in the eyes of most men? Independence, admiration, appreciation, honesty and loyalty. After all, if you felt trusted, if you knew you were admired, if you knew others viewed you as a reliable person, if you were in the position to financially support yourself and others, if you know others will support you if necessary would you not feel secure too? No doubt you would. So ladies the question is, do you assist your man to succeed in these areas?

Be warned! Nagging demands, guilt trips, neglect, or lack of respect is not the way forward to secure a happy relationship. Please note needy individuals better known as co-dependency are broken spirits that carry emotional scars. If you are in this position please seek assistance to address your situation, this will afford you an opportunity to escape the revolving negative traps, recover and be free to move ahead.

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A woman functions according to her life style and environment too.

For the most part security in a woman’s eyes differs from most men. She feels content when she is loved, protected, supported and she is able to express herself freely. Women are more inclined to invest quality time and effort towards her relationship when she feels cherished, appreciated and safe. Therefore disloyalty, abuse, and harsh words must be avoided by BOTH parties if they want to create or maintain a peaceful path.

Men, please recognize that in most cases little feels better than a woman who knows that her man is a capable, faithful, and openly expresses deep love for her. If you constantly hear that you are falling short concerning these qualities, deep down inside you probably already know this. Be aware denial is like walking on dangerous ground, challenges will arise and you may be slowly, subconsciously destroying your relationship. As such seek assistance to establish the cause and search for solutions. It may be helpful to consider appealing characteristics for men and women according to my own studies and research results.

Popular attractions for men besides exterior appearance

  • A woman that is honest
  • A woman that is a homemaker
  • A woman that can prepare a good meal
  • A woman that is trustworthy
  • A woman with self-respect
  • A woman with passion
  • A woman with self-confidence

What can you add?

Popular attractions for women besides exterior appearance

  • A man that is supportive
  • A man that is loyal
  • A man with self-respect
  • A man with leadership traits
  • A man with admirable confidence
  • A man that holds good family values
  • A man that demonstrates good social skills
  • A man with useful DIY skills

What can you add?

Common attractions for toxic/abusive characters or traits that require closure

  • A timid person
  • A needy person
  • A depressed person
  • A follower
  • A pessimistic person
  • A subdued person
  • A person that is fearful

What can you add?

The power of appreciation

Gratitude is so underrated on all levels and particular in relationships. When addressing family members, friends or associates; tact, patience, forgiveness and loyalty come natural to most. With these qualities in place good relationships can be embraced and continue for decades.

However, many entertain a different set of rules when it comes to communicating with a spouse. Constant turbulence rears its head because some couples choose poor verbal or physical communication and unproductive problem solving techniques to address their challenges. On numerous occasions clients have complained that they feel trapped because they want to converse with their partner but each time they make an attempt they are accused of moaning.

As a result this creates a false truce of silence for a period and then the person will frantically burst out a long list of built up concerns that they need to get it off their chest. At this point the spouse may regard this as constant nagging for no reason, therefore they respond inappropriately hence creating another false truce of silence and the vicious negative path repeats its cycle. Mindful of the benefits, regardless of gender please support a positive platform for discussion, dismiss toxic energies, encourage your partner to have a voice and reap the rewards.

Want to improve the quality of your communication? Check out the article at!rare-diamonds-page/cork  under the heading: Evaluate your words and attitude. Date: July 31st 2015.on this page 

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