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Positive couples cooking pot.

Sexual Reminisces. Positve couples cooking pot

About hope…

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How Deeply Cuts Your Knife

Source: How Deeply Cuts Your Knife

“Lie And Love”

Source: “Lie And Love”


Yes I agree, sometimes I work with individuals with no respect for their spouse due to poor parenting because they lack moral boundaries. The journey to assist the reprogramming path is a real challenge but worth it most of the time.

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


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Hard times…

Beware of me

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What is love?

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Relationships and You.

Chase the light

If you want to be successful you must have goals, if you have goals they must feel intensely appealing; this will help you to create a vision. Once you have a vision you can make plans to physically materialize that vision. This will include having a thirst (passion), this will inspire you to build the drive (motivation) necessary to embrace a plan of action that will assist you to accomplish your goals. Yes indeed self-belief, a vision, passion and motivation are key players to achieve your goals in life. But! Be warned the responsibility lies with you to manage your thought process.

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Toxic Relationship What Do They Do?

Long-term toxic relationship what do they do?

They block your path when you wish to pursue.

Not because you do not have what it takes to succeed-

But because your mind, spirit and soul is not at ease.

Toxic relationships represent poor choices, resentment and fear,

They support turmoil and non-productive affairs,

Embrace humiliation, low-self-esteem and relentless despair.

Beware! You could entertain a toxic relationship with yourself,

You could be neglecting your own spiritual and mental health.

You could be making decisions that don’t benefit you,

You could recognize personal responsibility and point blank refuse.

You could be ignoring the important safety guidelines,

You could be giving everyone else but yourself quality time.

As a result regular assessment should be on your list,

To ensure that you are not entertaining a toxic relationship.

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In case you were wondering…

The high-functioning part of a man’s brain basically shuts down the minute your pants come off. It’s not that we don’t think; our thoughts just become, well, simple. Naked woman. Must touch. Continue reading



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Don’t make promises that you can;t keep.

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