Our conduct and choices affect others.

Our conduct and choices affect others.

what can you bring to the table

When a relationship is at breaking point children feel the impact too,
Ensure that arguing and bickering in their presence you do not pursue.
Ensure that they do not witness back and forth petty blame games,
Ensure that you actions are nurturing as they attempt to manage their own pain.
Remember they too are confused, distraught and probably feel at fault,
Therefore it’s essential to set time aside to have meaningful talks.
Tell them that they are dearly loved and their fan list stands tall,
Remind them that they have nothing to do with the relationship downfall.
Children best thrive in a positive environment with illustrative positive roles,
Therefore regardless of the pain or anguish you may be feeling in your soul,
If you are a parent this carries a consequential toll-
To preserve peace harmony and love within your household,
In fact everyone, young and old can benefit if they pursue these goals.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

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