Honesty: A Most Crucial Element of Love

Be real.

Emmaus Road Fertility

Love me for who I am, not who you fantasize me to be, not who I wish I was, but the plain Jane/John that I am.

What higher physical expression of love is there than sexual union? What unites the natural human passion for oneness to the oneness certified in marriage vows more perfectly than the ‘marital union?’  If so, shouldn’t this powerful act be permeated by honesty?

Because our culture is saturated with advertisements and shocking news lines, tweets, status updates, and the rest of the constant barrage of distractions, we never stop to question the current image of romance and love. Is it as beautiful as the cheap sex scenes beg you to think? Are all those shades of grey as satisfying as they beckon? Or is it all a sham made up of a series of constant stimuli and animalistic urges?

To love honestly is to know someone…

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