Go With the Flow

Deep feelings.


Go With the Flow

I’ve been filling myself up with distractions as of late

Drowning in denial is going to be my fate

Because a false sense of happiness is what I chase

Too often does it seem

That I’m living “the dream”

But “the dream” is a dream

I’m actually asleep

With my eyes open


That reality

Doesn’t wake me up

And unveil my true personality

I’m afraid of what’s inside of me

And it’s entirety

Because I know that I’m entirely


In myself

Truth I can’t make

Because me heart and soul

Has been taken out

My mind pleads for peace

But my spirit

Won’t hear it

So back to my distractions

I will go

Where they will take me

I truly don’t know

But don’t be like me

Because I go to show

That distractions are fatal

And you should go with the flow

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