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Healthy Relationships.


x rem relationships

Love and hate.

Love and hate


Boundaries 2


Wix The light

He Was The Love Of My Life

Thank you for sharing. Indeed love is powerful and intoxicating but if it is not reciprocated the journey can cause so much pain.

Help them Grow as Leaders

Positive encouragement can heel a broken spirit.


I see 2 category of people again. Those who help people succeed and those who laugh at other’s failure

I definitely appreciate the Category “A” people for the only reason, they help grow more leaders

They guide people to achieve their milestone, they know how hard it was for them to reach pinnacle and they wish to share the ideas on reaching pinnacle with others.

There is a positive vibe when you are surrounded with such people

These are the people who believe in positive transformation of self and the society

They believe country needs more true leaders and they can help people evolve as leaders

Now we also see many people around us, who never contribute in other’s significant work. Never help or guide people, never succeed themselves. But they just mock at other’s failure.

Now surround yourself with such people and look at what you become in few…

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