Standing in Peace


The Vision of Poets

Peace 1a

Standing in Peace

You walked with me
Through fields of barley
Deep into the Himalayans…
Watching, as those of unbelief
Crumbled that which we cherished
Before our eyes…

We paused in a brief moment
Of meditation in Nepal
As we both searched for the stillness…
While others of different thought
Threatened us with walls of stone…
We fell upon our knees
Pressing our palms tightly together
In prayer for peace…
Finding ourselves betrayed
By those amongst us…

We stood together in rice bogs
Of the Mekong Delta,
In effigy of those of misguidance…
Watching horrors that we alone
Could not prevent…
Finding only the souls of the innocent
Rising above our bended heads…

I remember when we stood
Alongside the boundaries of Auschwitz,
As tears filled the banks of the Sola,
From both sides of the fence…
Yet, we laid shackled beneath the surface
By the indifference of the world…

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