Is this statement true?

12 responses to “Is this statement true?

  1. I couldn’t resist responding. πŸ™‚ Of course, men want to be treated like kings, and women want to be treated like queens. With that said, I do not believe that all of the statement is true since the only actions we can control are our own, so if someone does something (stray), it’s because they chose to respond in that manner to a situation. When someone truly loves and wants to hold on to someone, they conduct themselves accordingly. When people stray, they are willing to risk losing someone, so they are either not thinking clearly or probably aren’t as in love as they themselves are willing to admit. I guess what I’m saying is that there must be love and an unwillingness to gamble the loss of that relationship in order for a person to self-manage his or her behavior in a way that protects the integrity of the relationship. Another unfortunate scenario is that someone does not realize how much they do love someone until it’s too late. Straying has nothing to do with what the other person does or doesn’t do. We can’t blame someone else for what we ourselves do in response to a situation, at least this is what most of us teach our children. πŸ˜‰ There is never one option. Thanks for indulging me.



  2. No, but I do think men need to be pampered just like women. I don’t think it needs to be to the extreme of making them feel like kings, just like all women don’t need to feel like queens.


  3. oledphatnuglee

    Yes, sort of… We all want to be treated as if we are “royalty” now and then. It isn’t just for men. We especially want to feel special to the ones who love us. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be treated special as long as it works both ways.

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  4. Some men are spoilt brats since young. Thus they want to be treated as kings.

    Few men are gentlemen who goes to the extent to care and accept that wives are their equal partner.

    I am speaking through experience and observation.


  5. Thank you to follow my blog. Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚ my poetry.

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  6. I don’t think that it is about kings and queens, but about heroes and princesses. Every boy that you talk to will have the aspirations of being some sort of hero, whether in being a firefighter or zombie killer. Every little girl will have hopes of being a princess, and they probably have their favorite that they can tell you all about. This hope is not reality, but it does show us something within the inner being. We realize that we are made for greatness, and the reality is finding what that greatness truly consists of – and then living it with our spouse (if we should so marry).


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