Date 4 + When Harry Met Sally Coincidence

Gratuitous Rex

So I had Date 4 tonight with “Mona.” Picked her up at her office again and we went to a nearby town on the water with lots of restaurants and bars. Going there was my suggestion. I had to meet her around 8:45pm so no dinner, just drinks.

After considering one place with modern dance music with a cover charge (where we would have been the oldest people there) we went to another place with a band and no cover charge (where we were probably the youngest people there.)

Very very very good date. Fun, romantic… we even danced a slow dance. I even asked her why she reached out to me in the first place, after she got separated. She said she had a “Facebook Crush” on me, which is frickin adorable to say. And flattering.

We again had a backseat romp… this time, for fun, I said to…

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