two-faced god

On The Heath

Woman: You’re never available, and yet you know I need you… on some perennial, all the time type…

Man: But you know the reasons… my work, the movement, and all the rest. At least I visit every other season

Woman: If only that were true, you come here in the fall, when your wife is away, otherwise you don’t come at all. You were last here in January, as if my home is Janus’ temple, open only in time of war

Man: Still you let me… and I take it not only because you love my strokes, but because you understand my life, my goals…. I know you see my vision… the diamonds, the gold

Woman: Just stop!

Man: I know I’ve failed you many times but please, give me one more chance… let me rekindle your desire!

Woman: No! Go! I’m done playing with fire. My temple is closed; you two-faced god!

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