Questions You Should NEVER Ask On A First Date

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

bad dateI’ve been seeing a lot of items posted on social media recently about the questions you need to ask on a first date, Modern Philosophers.

I’d like to share some of the research I’ve been doing since I’ve been back out there on the dating scene.

I’ve also compiled a list of first date questions, but since I like to put my own unique spin on things, my list is of queries you should NEVER make on a first date.

These are more like fourth or fifth date material, which would come in handy if I ever actually made it that far.

Maybe someday.  A guy can hope, right?

As always when I write a dating tips post, since I am a man who is interested in dating women, I will refer to the date with female pronouns for the sake of convenience.  There is no sexism intended.

These tips…

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post!


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