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Questions You Should NEVER Ask On A First Date

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

bad dateI’ve been seeing a lot of items posted on social media recently about the questions you need to ask on a first date, Modern Philosophers.

I’d like to share some of the research I’ve been doing since I’ve been back out there on the dating scene.

I’ve also compiled a list of first date questions, but since I like to put my own unique spin on things, my list is of queries you should NEVER make on a first date.

These are more like fourth or fifth date material, which would come in handy if I ever actually made it that far.

Maybe someday.  A guy can hope, right?

As always when I write a dating tips post, since I am a man who is interested in dating women, I will refer to the date with female pronouns for the sake of convenience.  There is no sexism intended.

These tips…

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Sunday Quote: Self-care

A painful reality.


File:Bourton-on-the-water 1990 cream tea.jpg

You have to learn to get up from the table

when love is no longer being served.

Nina Simone

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She was uncomfortable to give advice.

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She said, ‘you have too much knowledge on your plate,’
I replied, ‘that is not my point of view at all hon, please make no mistake.’

Let me set the records straight; even though relationship advising is my main career,
I never view others people’s knowledge as inferior or impaired.
Just as a top chef can cook a perfect meal and still burn a pot,
Despite the relationship advisor’s incite a bond with their partner can flop.
We too have challenges or decide to end relationships with our lovers-
And at times we need advice and support on our road to recover.
I have experience that painful path once or twice-
I remember I was so grateful and comforted by associates caring advice.
Public experiences is an essential tool, my unwavering respect for it is well earned,
I am not delusional; I recognize and appreciate how much I’ve discerned.
Relationships are like life; it’s a constant revolving learning game,
And no journey or example will be exactly the same.
Because the ingredients found relationships are uniquely shared,
Some have the sense to embrace love, unity and care.
While other embrace toxic affairs and the potential forthcoming despair.
Meanwhile we supporters learn valuable information from what others do,
So without guidelines established from listening and speaking with veteran like you,
The quality of our advice would be hindered and our career would be hard to pursue.
Like I said I truly do respect your point of view,
Because you benefit from my experience but I benefit from yours too.

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