I Flirted With Men Using ‘Negging’ At A Bar And Here’s What I Found Out

Interesting tactics, be warned.

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Flickr / Diana NguyenFlickr / Diana Nguyen

In case you’re not familiar, allow me to explain what negging is.

A guy goes up to a girl who is very clearly out of his league and attempts to shake her self-confidence down a few notches by throwing out some subtle, low-grade insults that aren’t mean enough to deter her from speaking to him, but affect her just enough that she actually wants to keep talking to him … in order to prove herself worthy.

(I know, right? What will these geniuses come up with next?)

Unfortunately, there must have been some guy who claimed that his friend’s roommate’s older brother’s cousin used this tactic and it worked like a charm, because negging’s a legit thing now, mostly done by douche-y men (of course).

But the golden question: Does it work?

To find out if negging works with gender roles reversed, I convinced my friend…

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