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Tracey Cox on what men need to know to give women what they want

Tracey Cox says that when it comes to satisfying her there is more than one area that hits the spot

Real Inspiration.

I Flirted With Men Using ‘Negging’ At A Bar And Here’s What I Found Out

Interesting tactics, be warned.


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You dumped me

Sounds like an intriguing theme

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


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The Test.


7 Dating Lessons I Wish I’d Known Sooner

Tips for you.

Recovery? Which path will you choose?

If there is a lack understanding, responsibility, patience, loyalty, and or self-esteem this is self—destructive and the person’s perceptions will be flawed. Continue reading

Little Deeds Can Open Great Doors!

Vincent Egoro

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Don’t be discouraged in your love and giving if you are not being recognized and honoured by men for your deeds because while men may not appreciate you, God who keeps records will reward you soon. It really isn’t by donating huge sums of money in front of cameras, or holding a press conference to announce your contribution that matters, compared to giving out of love for God and man.

If you have been showing love to people, helping others in need, offering kind words of inspiration and encouragement to others and yet you don’t receive recognition for your gestures, and maybe as a result you are being discouraged, I hope the following story inspires you to do more;

“A poor man who dreamed one night that he went to Paradise, and who was so surprised to find himself there that he began to apologize profusely for…

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5 Steamy Reasons You Should Most Definitely Be Sexting

Indeed I agree, sexting can be an excellent sex aid, there are a few examples in my Sexual Reminiscences book


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Mandy and Gary

When my clients are faced with serious challenging issues, as I share the possible driving forces behind the situation this strengthens me too, this is why I share tips and warning about relationship with you and this drives the theme of the material that I post too. My client has given me permission to share her case with you.  (The couples names have been changed)

We have all experienced or seen a loved one in a toxic relationship at one time or another and as you know this can be a real challenge. What would you do if you were in the following situation?
Mandy aged 28 and Gary aged 29 have two young children which the pair of them love dearly. They have been in a relationship for nearly 9 years and they have been living together for 7 years. Both Gary and Mandy profess to love each other and they have a strong desire to raise their children together under the same roof. During the relationship, although Gary has obtained many short lived jobs he has been unemployed most of the time; therefore the household often lacks finances. Gary spends most of his days at home playing computer games or visiting friends till late at night. Meanwhile Mandy seems content to focus on surviving from day to day and exercises insufficient efforts to inspire progress. Gary also has an addiction and suffers with depression; he constantly highlights this reality on all levels. Mandy says she feels duty bound to endure a variety of situations. For example according to Mandy, Gary intimidates and belittles her in the presence of their children, Gary has been physically violent, this has caused damage to their property and Mandy has sustained injuries on a number of occasions. Gary says that Mandy does not understand him, appreciate the efforts that he makes and she has poor social skills. In addition recently the couple have been experiencing crippling financial demands. Guilt trips and blame games are exchanged on a daily basis, mainly due to Gary addiction, the impact of his behaviour, Mandy’s low self-esteem and her lack of self-motivation. What productive advice would you give Gary or Mandy to improve their situation?

Here are some paraphrased responses during our relationship workshops:
• Tell Mandy to get rid of Gary
• Gary should grow a pair
• If Mandy stays with Gary her life won’t improve
• Mandy your story brings back sad memories, I would get away from Gary
• Gary needs support and a new sense of direction
• Gary has no motivation or maturity
• Mandy must think about how the home environment affects her and her children
• Gary is probably stuck in a ruck, fortunately my family and friends supported me when I was feeling depressed

Rare Diamond.

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Why Sluts Make Bad Wives

An interesting article with comments and debates, what is your view?

Over 50 dating: 5 tips for getting back on your feet

The Good Sex Recipe.

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This is a guide to the good sex recipe,
Handcrafted by Rare Diamond for everyone to see,
Each time you decide to indulge in sex.

Garnish these words and you’ll past all tests.
Obey the course of action to enhance your fun,
Ok, here are the ingredients so you know how it’s done.
Don’t just think about yourself, there are two in the game,

So many men leave their women waiting in vain.
Ensure that your partner comes with or before you,
X-rated passion and touching yes include it too.

Relax only when you don’t intent to do it again,
Economic pleasure can cause annoying pains.
Co-operate women make your man feel good,
Intoxicate him not forgetting his manhood.
Pleasurable first-rate seduction is almost guaranteed,
Experiment and enjoy the good sex recipe.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)


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