Mentoring why?

Mentoring why?
Each one of us that intends to progress,
Must start as we mean to go on when addressing our quest.
Mentoring guidance is an essential means of support,
During times when you are feeling despondent or distraught.
They will assist you to set your targets in place-
And encourage you to attain a positive pace.
They will discuss obstacles and possible outcomes-
And negative temptation that is unwise to succumb.
As you progress, mentors can help to ease your tension-
And assist you to deaden negative apprehensions.
They can help liven up your spirit when you are feeling down,
And help guide you to assess if your thinking is sound.
They can help you to permeate what you want to do into your soul,
Not to deviate from or devalue your goals.
To focus on your purpose with dedication.
And facilitate assertive productive communication.
They are patient and have good listening skills-
And can lend support when you are enduring frustration mills.
They will not patronize or dictate what you must do-
But they will help you to thrash out the direction that you need to pursue.
Furthermore, they can help to give you a wakeup call-
And help you to redirect your steps, to ensure you don’t fall.
A mentor gives you a sense of belonging and self-worth,
Consequently, when you are under duress before your situation becomes worse,
View mentors for what they are, an imperative personal-development nurse.
© Zelda Gunzell 2009

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