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Agree or disagree folks?

000 be real men

Champions Philosophy – Pressure makes Diamonds

Well said my friend.

You Can Be Sexy And Smart Without Putting Out

Sound advice

Peace and Joy.

000 tkgp signs of maturity 3

Not one of us are perfect, least of all I-
And I’ve entertained negative thoughts many a times that I can’t deny,
But now I acknowledge the harmful mental state that complies.
Therefore negative thoughts is not something I wish to pursue,
Besides I don’t support persecuting or making others feel blue.
I don’t need to borrow confidence from others to feel content about myself-
And I don’t need to behave fraudulently to access personal wealth.
I don’t feel ashamed to lay my values and faults on the table-
And I don’t conform to negative expectations or demeaning labels.
Of course I have up and downs but mostly my current life is filled with pleasure-
Because love and tranquility is my favorite leisure.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

A loving partner.

Be Warned.

He said, ‘So what about love?’

He wanted to know if I am in love, I say yes, yes yes!
The overwhelming feelings make me feel so grateful and blessed.
I love when a person perseveres while their emotions are in hell-
And then witness their growth as they tackle their negative spells.
I love to see when individuals unify and follow a productive plan,
I love to see when a good example of a real woman or a real man.
I love to see when I see a person reach their goal and embrace success,
I love when I see a person employ the correct tools to avoid stress.
I love when a person respect their values and they are upright,
I love when a person eats healthy, exercise and sleep well at night.
I love when a person takes pride in their hygiene and attire,
I love when a person’s happiness and kindness fast wired.
I’m in love with everything productive that I see people say and do,
I’m in love with unity, peace and security, how about you?

Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

000 in love spare

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms and Treatment.

Interesting article.

Self Esteem

Express yourself.

Don’t waste time.

A Responsible Father.

Free Jokes.

Life experience

What do you say?



Keep the fire burning.




What drives your actions?