Ambience of Love.

Ambience of Love.

You nurture me with refined kindness night and day,
Guiding and protecting me even when you’re working away.
Despite relentless pressures you are always there for me,
Yes your love and patience you give unconditionally and free.

I really appreciate the stability I’ve acquire from you,
If there’s a problem inevitably you know what course to pursue.
As my partner your qualities are ideal,
You know, and address each and every one of my appeals.

Honey this truth I want you to hold fast in your mind,
I want to be with you till the end of my time.
You’ve dismembered a loneliness that no other could defeat,
I love being with you from morning right till we go to sleep.

And I give thanks and praise the great one up above,
For each day living in your ambience of genuine true love.
Our love is unique, consistent and divine,
Truly you are my lifelong valentine.

Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

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