What role do you play?


What role do you play to maintain a good relationship?  When we interact within a relationship we play the role of a protector or a dissector regardless of age or gender. Let me elaborate a little, you either strive to protect the smooth running of your communication (affirmative relationship ) or you strive to dissect the smooth running of it (toxic relationship) this is directed by your behaviour and the quality of your commitment. So then, which quality represents you?

5 responses to “What role do you play?

  1. Pretty good team work of keeping the conversation going over here…

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  2. Yes u r right we should never try to change some one in the relationship .unless its for betterment and the other person understands it. And main thing is never take her for granted . this is a mistake people do.

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  3. Well, I was in an abusive relationship and that was the way we both looked at it. But I believe if the relationship doesn’t better the both of you or bring out the best in both, something is missing.


  4. I totally agree with you my friend.


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