In a relationship but alone.

In a Relationship but alone!

Honey you know I have deep feelings for you-
And my commitment is public knowledge too.
I have expressed my viewpoint to you in many ways-
But now I don’t know what more to do or say.

In the beginning we had the same interests and future plans-
And in marriage you vowed to take my hand.
But I have waited for your promises year after year,
Look we are the only couple that are not married among our peers.
Other men view me as inviting catch or at least so they say,
Yet here I am begging you for attention, things shouldn’t be this way.

I’m fed up of the unnecessary emptiness, why should I live my life alone,
Constantly wondering when you’re coming over or if you will phone.
While you follow your dreams I am left feeling like an empty shell,
Even though I have a partner, I am lonely and it feels like hell.
Our relationship is stagnant yet at best it’s low down on your priority list,
Meanwhile our relationship is heading towards a dangerous pit.

You come out with things like, ‘darling I will be worth the wait’-
But now my predicament I’ve really come to hate.
And I’m beginning to wonder if you’re stringing me along or messing me about,
So if you truly want me, cock your ears and hear my shout!
I have decided, I will no longer entertain this relentless waiting game,
It is action time! Right now! No more excuses, no more debates, no more pain.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

One response to “In a relationship but alone.

  1. There is nothing like a real conversation..otherwisw there could bew confusion?

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