To My Partner!

Relationships and Drug abuse.

To My Partner!

This is an ongoing problem that won’t go away,
Although I truly love you, it’s impossible for me to stay.
Sometimes I might even become paranoid, I know that’s true-
But how was that brought about? By no one but you.

When it comes to your drugs your conscience is stone dead,
Because while our food cupboards are empty your habit is fed.
And I’m becoming too afraid of the diseases I might catch,
Knowing that the caution you take is far too slack.

God, I’ve warned you so many times before,
That the time will come when I cannot take this nightmare anymore.
I am mindful that being on my own feels so empty and to be honest I’m afraid-
But I simply can’t condone the self-destructive way you behave.

The thing is, you may even appear to change for a short while,
But then, you resort right back to your deceiving addictive style.
I’m fed up of complaining and crying about the selfish things you do,
So until you address your issues, there will be no me and you.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

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