The Blame Game! Who wins?

000blame games

Blame games are self-destructive and a non-productive problem solving technique. I draw this conclusion because blame games allows you to bury your head in the sand and remain in denial. Meanwhile the challenge continues and multiplies it’s infestation.

Please note: Concepts and views are determined by the individual’s  state of mind, therefore conversation and actions may be misinterpreted. As such a sound mind is an essential ingredient to maintain positive communication.

There is a difference between sharing your views and playing the victim.
There is difference between looking for pity and voicing your feelings.
There is a difference between blame games and making a stand to protect yourself.

Rare Diamond.

4 responses to “The Blame Game! Who wins?

  1. literaturegradstudent

    I agree, except those on the jury, nobody wins the blame game


  2. Reblogged this on chineychan and commented:
    Blame games.


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