2015 I have set my plans

2015 b
As I sat and envisioned my life and intended path for this year,
I also reflected on the last 365 days the good times and the despair.
After much deliberation and contemplation,
I decided to set realistic goals to avoid the weight of frustrations.
My strategy is to set myself two or three weekly goals-
And then address technical hitches as and when they unfold.
Because I acknowledge that personal growth carries additions strains-
And the benefit of having associates that supports positive change.
Meanwhile I will endeavour to preserve a healthy spiritual appetite,
Exercise, maintain a healthy diet and ensure I have sufficient sleep at night.
I decided to share my plan of action with you,
To remind myself of the techniques that I need to pursue.
So then my friends, what do you intend to do?

Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

4 responses to “2015 I have set my plans

  1. i hope to continue breathing,
    and i wish to make people think and smile ….



  2. vice a versa, you have made me smile too …. thank you
    smiling is good exercise for health and well being my friend …. :O)

    Liked by 1 person

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