I had to re-share this poem, it really touched my heart.



I miss the way your words calmed me
How we used to write so eloquently
Blinking cursors dancing together
Creating symphonic stanzas in verse
I can’t do that anymore… ever….
Not without you anyway… never…
Because important pieces are missing
And nobody could ever do the replacing
For a short while you braved my storm
But that was all a fairytale
A made up dream come true
I let your ohhhhh’s follow my ahhhh’s
And somehow I felt the wind
Inside each lettered breath you took
Making me and my soul more complete
As our words flowed from mind to pen
I understood “in love” to be a feeling
It was a full out endorphined bliss
That carried me on its surging waves
And I let you pretend it was for her
Although I felt it was more for me
I wanted to contain the feeling
To make it last…

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