Relationships and Alcoholism.

The affects of alcoholism.

Alcohol can easily become a serious addiction,
This causes a whole range of horrid afflictions.
It can be an extremely challenging to control,
Given that, it’s legal and universally sold.

By and large, people tend to use it for recreation,
But if it dominates, it can lead to depravation.
The affects of drinking can make you feel great,
But it can also instigate the making of mistakes.

As a result certain events you may live to regret,
Or the consequences that might cause you to fret.
Drinking can completely ruin your self-respect-
And it can lead you into uncontrollable debt.

Family and friends who socialize with you-
Your obsessive drinking will affect them too.
But the saddest thing is, when a child is involved,
It will bring tears whenever their accounts are told.

So if you find that you have drinking problems-
Please, without hast take immediate action,
Or you may lose self-esteem and attraction.
There is so much good advice out there for you,
With a strong desire, you will pull through.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

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