Personal Appearance.


What would you do if you notice a decline in your partner’s personal interest?

In order to address a challenge it is essential to establish the root cause, otherwise it may return at a later date. Serious pressures such as neglect, rejection, isolation, low self-esteem, low finances, family feuds, drug use and disrespect may gear a person’s thoughts into a trance that disregards self-care and/or self-worth. Regardless of the cause self-neglect is a cry for help, therefore patience tact and an effective plan of action will be required to address the situation.

What can I do to lend assistance?
• Say and do things that will demonstrate your love and appreciation for them
• Share quality time together, allocate time for routine discussions
• Pay attention! When you partner voices their concerns opinions and feelings listen and act in accordance when required
• Support your partner tactfully; encourage them to address current challenges, offer sensible suggestions

Instead of running off and finding a replacement or ignoring the situation, make the effort to work with your partner to tackle issues and maintain a positive relationship.

Rare Diamond.

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