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Mistakes That can Damage a Relationship.


Secretes of a Happy Relationship.


Love Lessons From My Parents

A wonderful account.

The Lessons of Yesterday

My parents got married when they were in their early twenties. They have now been married for 26 years and have been together for well over 30. They have been together longer than they have not been together, and I sometimes wonder what knowing that, means to them A love that began at the end of high school has carried them through to a life in their fifties.

I have always viewed my parents in the first place as two very opposite people. My dad is goofy and very technically smart, he is laid-back; a man with faults that are easily forgotten and forgiven. My mom is kind and quiet, she is stubborn but her faults are quite few in general. Their love is built on a foundation of not only romantic love, but Catholic love,  and a love of family & friends.. From my parent’s marriage, I have learned a great many…

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