Relationships and depression.

Mental health 4.jpgRelationships and depression.

A relationship is based on the quality of interaction that you present towards each other and if you are feeling depressed this is likely to have a negative impact on the manner in which you communicate. We all fall short of perfection and life is a constant learning game, therefore it is essential to habitually examine your character. How do you examine yourself?

Step 1. Assess your conduct (actions)
Step 2. Assess your attitude (behaviour)
Step 3. Assess your thought process (personal beliefs and the source)
Step 4. Assess your problem solving techniques (methods you use to address challenges)

The answers to the steps above will allow you to determine required adjustments when necessary. Anxieties or depression will not simply pack their heavy bags and leave you, therefore you will need to orchestrate effective plans to tackle and overcome your difficulties. If you are feeling in despair and need assistance, you can discuss your predicament and concerns with a loved one, a mature family member, your doctor, a mentor or an advice centre.

Alternatively you can book a consultation with a personal development/relationship advisor at ‘Through knowledge gain power Ltd.’- email: or (Please include a brief outline of your circumstances.) Warm regards. Rare Diamond x

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