Relationships- Breaking up?

Inspired by a client’s pain

Relationships- Breaking up?

As I watch him sleep and recover from his inner pain,
I wonder is this relentless journey, one made in vain.
He is my only son and it hurts to witness his wounded emotions dance and play-
But I accept that this is the breaking up process at the end of the day.
I’m trying not to say anything rash or make damaging remarks,
As I don’t want to add further discomfort to the anguish weighing down in his heart.
Sometimes it’s really hard work managing the role of a mother,
Because we have no control over whom our children decide to take as their lover.
It’s hard when they’re in a relationship and things didn’t work out as intended,
To know that they feel so disrespected and offended that they don’t believe their heart can be mended.
It’s hard to stand and observe as they lose weight and refuse to eat,
To reminisce on past experiences and then cry them self-off to sleep.
Please pray for me so that he will hear my heartfelt request,
That he should keep positively focused eat, excise and rest.
Copyright Author Rare Diamond.

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