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From me to you x

To all my supporters

Thank you so much for all the support I have received from my new friends, You truly have made my journey a great and rewarding one. May our creator bless you all for your kindness and love.

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2015 I have set my plans

2015 b
As I sat and envisioned my life and intended path for this year,
I also reflected on the last 365 days the good times and the despair.
After much deliberation and contemplation,
I decided to set realistic goals to avoid the weight of frustrations.
My strategy is to set myself two or three weekly goals-
And then address technical hitches as and when they unfold.
Because I acknowledge that personal growth carries additions strains-
And the benefit of having associates that supports positive change.
Meanwhile I will endeavour to preserve a healthy spiritual appetite,
Exercise, maintain a healthy diet and ensure I have sufficient sleep at night.
I decided to share my plan of action with you,
To remind myself of the techniques that I need to pursue.
So then my friends, what do you intend to do?

Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

Forget Edible Underwear, This Lingerie Glows In The Dark

What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Relationship?

Please remember, this is not guaranteed in all cases. intimacy

One Dark Night…

I’m still wiping the tears away, loool.

Q&A: After A Miscarriage, How Long Should You Wait To Become Pregnant Again?

Hope this helps

A very interesting educational video. Its worth a watch all the way through


15 Sex Tips-from-the-Bedrooms.


Re: Self-Elevation Manual.

To: The reader.
From: Zelda Gunzell. (Rare Diamond.)
Date: Right now!
Re: Self-Elevation Manual.

Message: Please Recognize!

Self-elevation cannot be achieved without meaningful effort, that’s a fact!
In order to succeed you must remain focused to stay on track.
Recognize the importance that you may need to change the way you lead your life;
Recognize what you are doing and the consequential strife;
Recognized the importance of reading spiritual material every day;
Recognize that you must operate in a respectful way;
Recognize that temporary failures are not an excuse to accept defeat;
Recognize that you must set positive goals each and every week;
Recognize that negative thoughts generate negative thinking;
Recognize the importance of sufficient sleep, healthy eating and drinking;
Recognize that if you are tempted, you must remain strong;
Have the back bone to accept and admit when you are wrong;
Recognize that when a person is being disrespectful, it causes pain;
And recognise it is not a justification to behave the same;
Recognize that sometimes you will be required to weather mental strains;
Recognize submission can be uncomfortable and sometimes feel strange;
Recognize that, to begin with, some requirements may have no attraction;
Recognize that your efforts and sacrifices might not bring immediate action.
My friend, be assured, if you abide by these rules without hesitation,
They will strengthen and assist you during your self-elevation.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)

True Beauty?

Beauty skin deep

When you see a beautiful face it can be very intoxicating but the beauty is only skin deep and this will not confirm the character underneath. Beauty in it’s entirety is when a person has a beautiful mind spirit and soul, theses attributes I advise everyone to uphold.

Rare Diamond

The past

A woman with a vision.

Do you agree or disagree?


Balance is the key!

What do you do when you’re interested in a man?

Balance is the key



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Christmas is a time when folk look forward to good cheer,
I sincerely hope that your loved ones are safe and near.
Enjoy the laughter, food, presents, and cakes-
But most of all relax, I’m sure you deserve the break.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012 (Alias Rare Diamond)


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Can You Be Truly Happy And Single?

It's your choice

Blogging Will Be Light Today …

Another example of true love.


I had to re-share this poem, it really touched my heart.



I miss the way your words calmed me
How we used to write so eloquently
Blinking cursors dancing together
Creating symphonic stanzas in verse
I can’t do that anymore… ever….
Not without you anyway… never…
Because important pieces are missing
And nobody could ever do the replacing
For a short while you braved my storm
But that was all a fairytale
A made up dream come true
I let your ohhhhh’s follow my ahhhh’s
And somehow I felt the wind
Inside each lettered breath you took
Making me and my soul more complete
As our words flowed from mind to pen
I understood “in love” to be a feeling
It was a full out endorphined bliss
That carried me on its surging waves
And I let you pretend it was for her
Although I felt it was more for me
I wanted to contain the feeling
To make it last…

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Three Relationship Tips

Sweet dreams my friends from me to you x

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