Sharing Your Partner

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Some of you may remember this poem, it was published in the Gleaner newspaper in 2004. So much has happened since then.

Sharing Your Partner?

Why do you feel the need to share?
Does not that feeling put you in despair?
Knowing that the one you’re in love with is not yours-
And your relationship is caged behind closed doors?

How could you do that and lose self-respect?
But yet another’s partner you decide to protect.
Why can you not find a partner of your own?
Careful, you may not appreciate the seed you’ve sown.

Sooner or later your heart will want more,
But alas there’s nothing more in store.
Take back your dignity and control yourself,
Otherwise you might damage your health.

No doubt you would not like it if it happened to you,
You’d ask why me? While you’re feeling blue.
Yet still your prepare to take that chance,
And among friends your secret you prance.

I hope to God you change your way,
And with people’s hearts you decide not to play.
You know the statement herewith is common sense,
In reality you’ll always be left on the bench.

Author Rare Diamond!

Copyright © All Rights Reserved ~ Zelda Gunzell 2012   (Alias Rare Diamond)

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